Time to Hydrate?

Spring is on our doorstep which means that if you have been hibernating over the winter months it’s is time to get prepared for the coming summer months. If you were one of those that avoided the new year detox in preference for snuggly duvets and left over chocs (guilty!), it is now the time to spruce up for summer!

A major part of detoxing is making sure you hydrate your body especially if you are partial to the odd tipple now and again! Alcohol is one of the main substances, along with caffeine that can dehydrate our bodies, so it is essential to hydrate yourself in order to get your body back in to tip top shape!

According to the the National Hydration Council (NHC) we should be drinking about 2 litres of water a day for us women and 2.5 litres for men. The average person only drinks 200ml per day which is shocking! If you don’t like just drinking plain old water try adding sugar free cordials, or eat water-rich fruit such as melons, grapes and oranges.

Water is essential to our bodies to help carry nutrients and waste products between our vital organs as well as regulating body temperature and acting as a shock absorber says the NHC.

It is also vital to help keep our skin looking glowing. However, dehydrated skin also needs a helping hand as sometimes as water alone is not enough! As a sufferer of oily yet dehydrated, acne prone skin (nightmare!), here are a few products that I swear by to help get gorgeous glowing skin.

Origins Make a Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment. This has got to be my star product. Has totally transformed my skin from a flaky itchy mess which I got through pregnancy. Origins claims it instantly boosts the skins moisture to keep it hydrated and rejuvenated, which it seriously does. It is a very lightweight, gel like formula which smells very fruity. Flakey skin is a thing of the past and plumps up my skin and provides radiance. Winner!

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm. A repairing and nourishing lip balm that is very thick in consistency. I prefer to layer it on at night for an intensive treatment for smooth kissable lips come the morning. Of course you can use it any time of the day, and is especially good if you want a lip balm with great staying power. It smells quite orangey, not really that reminiscent of honey, despite its name and is definitely up there as one of my favourite lip balms!

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. An amazing smelling overnight mask that you put on after cleansing at night (don’t worry, its clear so wont ruin your bedding!). Put a layer on before bed and let your skin absorb it overnight to reveal quenched, soft skin in the morning.

So there you have it, get drinking that water, your body and skin will thank you for it!


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