Original Source Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel

Just a quick little post to tell you about Original Source‘s latest offering, Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel. Every season they bring out a limited edition shower gel, and this summer it happens to be one of my favourite smells in pink grapefruit. I do have to say, it does not have a really strong smell of grapefruit and verges towards being orangey, nevertheless, it is a lovely fruity shower gel, sure to perk you up in the mornings and is extremely refreshing so perfect for summer!

I really love Original Source for shower gels (and hand wash for that matter!), they offer a great range of smells, the most famous being the zingy Mint & Tee Tree, sure to give you a tingle all over, although I favour the Vanilla and Raspberry which is seriously good enough to eat! They are a great budget buy as are nearly always on offer and you can often pick them up for just over £1! They are made from either pure and natural essential oils or natural extracts and source as many of their ingredients from the UK as possible. I love the brand and always turn to them for my shower gel needs! 

Currently on offer in Superdrug for 99p!


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