Bronzing Primers: Bourjois vs Chanel

Left Bourjois, Right Chanel

Ever since the launch of Bourjois’ bronzing primer last month, it has been likened to the infamous Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel. There has been much interest in the differences and similarities between the two, so I thought I would explore them here.

As I explained in my recent review of the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (here), I don’t really use these products as a primer, but more as a cream bronzer, so with that in mind, let’s begin!


As you can see from the images, the Chanel packaging is beautiful and much more luxe than Bourjois’ offering. The large round pot with the logo on the top is very decadent and looks lovely on your dressing table. It is huge in comparison to Bourjois’, so would be a bit cumbersome for travel. The small Bourjois pot makes it more suitable to carry around in your make-up bag and travelling as takes up a lot less space.

Texture & Application

The Bourjois bronzer has a very mousse-like, whipped texture whereas the Chanel is a lot firmer and smoother.  I definitely prefer the texture of the Chanel as find this smoother texture easier to apply. With the Bourjois, it is quite easy to pick up too much product on your brush, so sometimes requires extra blending. It does however, blend really well and seamlessly into the skin. Both products are quite buildable, especially if you use a brush like the Real Techniques Expect Face Brush, which is perfect for this product as the dense bristles really blend the product into the skin well. I must also add that one of the benefits of a cream bronzer as opposed to powder is that is is so much easier to blend down your neck, which I often find to be the lightest part of my body, so often needs a good bronze!


The colour is pretty similar if you take a look at the swatch above. When testing them out I applied one on one side of my face and one on the other and I really couldn’t tell much difference. The Bourjois one is a tad darker but nothing really that noticeable. Both provide a lovely bronzed glow to the face which I like to set with a little powder bronzer on top.


The Bourjois costs £9.99 for 18ml/0.6oz and the Chanel costs £31 for 30ml/1.0oz, so as expected the Chanel is more expensive, but with the whipped texture of the Boujois, I can see this one getting used up more quickly!

Do I need both?

Not really, although I have to say I do like having both in my collection and prefer to take to the Bourjois when I am travelling. That said, it really does come down to what you can afford and the texture you prefer, which in my case is the Chanel. Either are a great addition to your make-up bag for summer!


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