Disappointing Products #1

I try not to be negative on my blog as I prefer to talk about things that I have loved and that have worked for me, however, there are a handful of products that I have found to be dissapointing.

Firstly the Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Hair Mask is one that I kept trying to see if I like it any better but unfortunately every time I use this it makes my hair so static, I cannot style it properly. My hair did feel soft after using it, but the static completly overshadowed other any benefits that this may have had! This was a free gift on Glamour magazine last year I think, so I’m not too upset as didn’t spend my hard earned cash on it, but it has put me off other Percy & Reed products.

Next is a product that I know a lot of people love, but it really didn’t do anything for me. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara did not give me that false lash effect that I was dreaming of and so many people had talked about, instead it just coated my lashes leaving them looking quite natural if I’m honest. I do like quite dramatic lashes and love mascaras like Maybelline The Falsies and Clinque High Impact Extreme. This did not meet my expectations at all, so was made a bit redundant. However, on a more positive note, this is the waterproof formula and when used as a top coat on my normal mascara, it did leave the lashes waterproof, so not all bad! I won’t though be repurchasing.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in It Girl is an absolutely gorgeous peachy pink colour. The formula though is dreadful, it is meant to be a budge-proof, long lasting lipstick, which unfortunately is extremely drying on the lips causing it to look very patchy! I always felt like I needed to put lip balm on as well, not great! It is a shame as I really love the colour!

Then we have Maybelline Color Tattoo in Eternal Gold which I am so sad about because I absolutely LOVE it in On and On Bronze, and literally wear it most days. This colour however, seems to have as slightly different formulation. It is not as creamy as On and On Bronze, which makes it quite hard to apply on the eyes smoothly, leaving it a bit clumpy. The colour too, is a very yellow gold with quite a lot of shimmer, which was not very flattering at all. I really suit gold/bronze/brown shadows as I find they complement my warm skintone and green eyes well. This did not look nice at all, and was not flattering  in the slightest. I hope this is the only colour this applies to, as I am longing to try the Pomegranate shade, a deep shimmery aubergine which I think will be lovely in the autumn.

Finally is Benefit Posie Tint which was another freebie from a magazine. It is a poppy pink lip and cheek stain meant to give a natural flush of colour. When applied though it just looks like nothing and disappears into the skin. There is not much more to say about this, as it really just did nothing. Benefit are normally on point with their products, especially their boxed blushers, but this one I was extremely disappointed with. Sorry Benefit!

Have you been disappointed with any products recently?


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