This Works: Sleep

For those who find it hard to nod off to sleep, these products from this Works could just be the solution! My husband who often stays in hotels with work always picks up the toiletries left in the room for me, and is actually getting to know which ones are good or not! I have several of these little sets from This Works which include the Deep Calm Pillow Spray and Breathe In. 

The Deep Calm Pillow Spray is a fusion of calming oils including lavender, vetivert and camomile to relax and calm. Before turning out the light, spritz this all over your pillow and inhale the soothing aroma. Now I don’t really have much problem in getting to sleep, my husband on the other hand takes forever and he finds that spraying this, really does help to relax him and nod off quicker. The scent is lovely and relaxing, almost spa-like, so even if you dont have troubles sleeping, it is a nice little addition to help you relax.

The other little gem in this pack is Breathe In, which is a roller ball containing a blend of frankincense and eucalyptus. The idea is that you roll it onto your pulse points and breathe in the aromas which smell beautiful. I have put some on whilst writing this post and it really does work, I am actually feeling very relaxed and chilled out and could seriously go for a snooze right now! This would be perfect in the evenings as a relaxer before bedtime, or equally to de-stress during the day.

You can purchase this set from the This Works website for £12 or the full size pillow spray 75ml and mini roller ball for £22 from Beauty Bay.

I’m off for a nap now! Night night! 


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