Garnier Body Repair

I am not gonna lie, I bought this because Caroline Hirons said that it was here favourite body lotion (it was also half price!), and what she says is gospel, so I thought it would be worth a try!

Garnier Body Repair is an anti-dryness restoring moisturiser for the body which is enriched with maple sap, known for its soothing properties. It is aimed at extra-dry skin and claims to relieve tightness and roughness leaving your skin moisturised for up to 24hours. With the changes of the season and recent drop in temperature, the skin can be prone to dryness, that can feel tight and rough. I therefore thought that this would be the perfect time to test this body lotion, as summer has well and truly disappeared!

It smells lovely, kind of sweet, which I am guessing is the maple sap, but not in any way sickly. It is a light yet creamy lotion which absorbs into the skin instantly making it easy and quick to apply. I use body lotion every morning when I come out of the shower so like that it sinks into the skin well without any sticky feeling. My skin does feel hydrated although does not give me the smoothest skin I’ve ever had, The Body Shop Body Butters are still top of the list for this! It wasn’t quite moisturising enough for my knees either which is commonly a dry area with lots of people, I feel I need something a little thicker to keep these bad boys moisturised! Having said that at the end of the day, the rest of my skin still feels supple and nourished, no scaly skin going on here! 

I was a little nervous to see that mineral oil was in the list of ingredients as I have been known to break out to this previously, however my skin has not reacted at all to this lotion, which I am quite pleased about, making me think it was perhaps another ingredient I reacted to! This is a great everyday lotion but dont feel like it is anything to write home about! I will continue to use it but not sure that I will repurchase it as prefer other products and will no doubt buy another Body Butter as they are the best in my opinion! 

A huge 400ml bottle costs £6.15 from Superdrug and Boots, although watch out for offers as this is often half price! 

What is your favourite body lotion? 


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