Mac 217 Dupe!

Top – Mac 217, Bottom – Crownbrush C433
Top – Mac 217, Bottom – Crownbrush C433
Top – Crownbrush C433, Bottom – Mac 217

The Mac 217, every make-up artist’s favourite eye shadow brush! It has rightly gained cult status as it is one of the most talked about brushes ever and the best brush for applying and blending eyeshadow that I have ever used! I have had mine for about 6 years now, use it nearly every day and it is still going strong, I would not be without it! The £18 price tag though for some can be quite off putting…but fear not, I have found a dupe!

The Crownbrush C433 Pro Blending Fluff Brush looks identical, it has the same black handle, silver hardware and cream bristles. It is of similar density and length and does a great job of applying shadow and blending though the crease. As first I didn’t think it was as soft as the Mac 217, but once I had given it a wash, the bristles softened and felt nice to the touch. The only slight difference is that the Crownbrush has a slightly pointed tip compared the the Mac which is more rounded. This actually makes blending shadow through the crease a bit more precise  but still does a great job of blending the shadow. The best bit about this brush though, is that it is a third of the price costing only £6.09, making this brush so affordable to all and really is a must have in everyone’s make up bag.

But wait…that’s not all! Until the end of September, Crownbrush are offering my readers an extra 10% off on any purchase from their site. This would reduce this brush to £5.48, an absolute steal! To get this discount, all you need to do is click on the link below and enter FINS2013! Crownbrush offer a great selection of affordable brushes and make-up palettes too, so what are you waiting for! 


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