Maybelline Brow Drama

A brow mascara? Really? I have only ever used clear mascara on my brows, but if I’m honest, it sits a bit redundant in my drawer looking grubby as I don’t really think it does a lot on my sparse eyebrows (really should throw it away!). However, I have never tried a tinted brow gel and thought this Maybelline Brow Drama (£4.99) would be similar so I decided to pick it up as it was on a 3 for 2 promotion in Boots

I picked up the shade Dark Blond which is the lightest of three shades available and thought it would suit my colouring best, as don’t like to go too heavy on my brows. I have been using it as the final step when filling in my brows, after I have used Mac Omega eyeshadow, and simply just brush it through. The brush itself is a bit of an odd shape as you can see in the picture above, but have actually found this great as it makes the application more precise without getting product all over the skin. It lightly tints my brows and gives them some texture, great for people like me who are not blessed with brows like Cara’s and need all the help they can get! It sets my brows in place and does actually make them stay in place all day without rubbing off at all.

I have been really enjoying using this, it is simple to use and it definitely prolongs the life of my brow make-up without the need for touch-ups. I don’t think I could use it alone though as have gaps in my brows that need to be filled. If, however, you have lovely full brows, I think a coat of this would be great to give them a light tint and keep them in place all day.

Have you ever tried a brow mascara? 


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