Origins Mask Combo

As a girl with combination skin, I have skin that gets a bit oily, breaks out, gets congested but is also dehydrated, has a bit of redness and is somewhat sensitive! The is obviously not the ideal skin type ever and I have battled with my skin for years, but have recently found a mask combination that really helps my skin by decongesting it and then rehydrating it, leaving it clear and smooth.

After removing my make-up and giving my skin a double cleanse, I apply a layer of Origins Clear Improvement, which is a deep cleansing mask designed to draw out impurities and clear pores. It contains active charcoal which acts like a magnet bringing everything to the surface and also lecithin which does the job of dissolving these impurities. It is a great mask for when my skin feels all yukky and congested, particularly at that time of the month when my skin is in need of an overhaul! It is black in colour and I tend to resemble a hippo when I have this on (much to my son’s amusement!), but after 10-15 minutes I remove it with a warm flannel and things dont get too messy this way. My skin feels lovely and clean but doesn’t dry out or strip my skin in any way.

Once I have decongested my skin, I want to ensure that I also replenish any moisture lost, so I then apply Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. This is a hydrating mask, of which I apply a generous layer to my face, leave to sink in a little bit and then leave it to do its magic overnight. It is a gel-like forrmula which smells amazing, like peaches, which is good thing when you are leaving it on for so long! After a few minutes is turns clear so you can’t really tell you have a mask on, and therefore no worries about getting the pillow dirty either! When I remove this in the morning my skin feels so good, really plump, smooth and hydrated. This mask contains Japanese seaweed which helps to repair the skin’s barrier to prevent further dehydration and signs of premature ageing. Since using this mask and other products targeted at dehydration, my skin has never looked better and think these sort of products could be beneficial to most skin types as they help to replace water lost in the skin, making it look more radiant. 

This is a great little partnership from Origins, who can really do no wrong when it comes to skincare. The 100ml of each of these products cost £22, however you can also buy a 50ml tube for £11each, which is great if you want to give these products a good try without committing to the full size straight away. Available from Origins counters in Boots, House of Fraser and Debenhams


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