Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner

I have been using gel eyeliner for some years now, and whilst I love the effect that it gives, sometimes it can be a bit of a phaff for everyday, especially when you are in a rush. I wear it most days, but sometimes find it hard to achieve the perfect winged eye look, so I thought I might try a liquid liner instead. I know so many people use them and love them, but I have never found one I loved in the past, so I tweeted asking what everyone’s favourite liquid liner was. Literally seconds later, I saw Laura from Tease Flutter Pout post about this one from Collection (post here), and costing only £2.99, I thought it was worth a try as she raved about it!

I love how convenient the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner is, no brushes or separate pots…just remove the lid and you are good to go. At first I thought the application was a little tricky, but I think it was just because I wasn’t used to the nib, as when using a gel the brush is quite flexible, whereas this is more stiff. It did take me a few applications to get used to it but now I have mastered the art, I love how it applies and definitely gives a more precise line. I can get it really close to the lash line and even if I go a little high, it is easy to colour in the gap! What I love most about this pen, is that it makes doing flicks/winged liner a breeze especially in comparison to gel, when sometimes you get too much product on the brush and it all gets a bit clumpy and messy! The colour is very black and opaque leaving a definite line and does not transfer onto the upper lid at all. Another impressive thing about this liner is its longevity. From putting it on at 7am, to removing it 12 or more hours later, it is does not budge and is still in exactly the same shape and place I applied it in the morning!

I must admit I am pleasantly surprised by this liner as had low expectations because of previous bad experiences with this type of liner. I have worn everyday since I bought it and have sort of fallen a little bit in love! My gel liner has become a bit redundant in my make-up bag now since this little beauty has come into my life! 

Have you tried this liner? Do you have any more recommendations for great liquid pen liners, I am a little bit addicted now! 


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