Review | Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue by Indeed Labs

Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue a.k.a. THE BEST EYE CREAM EVER! I have always been quite fickle when it comes to eye cream, as long as I am using something I haven’t really been to bothered what. Some I like, others I hate, but there never really has been a stand out product that actually works…until now!

Eysilix contains 10 of the most active peptides in its ingredients. Peptides are chains of amino acids that form proteins in the skin, one of which is collagen. Collagen is what gives our skin it’s thickness and suppleness, and when this is broken down due to factors such as old age, sun and stress, fine lines and wrinkles are formed in the skin. 

If peptides are applied to the skin, they have the ability to penetrate it and send signals to collagen, prompting the formation of new collagen. This consequently improves the appearance of the skin leaving it more smooth and supple! I don’t wish to baffle you too much with science, but Indeed Labs, the makers of Eysilix (and creators of the famous Hydraluron), claim that this product:

” Helps lift the eye area instantly. Helps reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, fatigue and crow’s feet. Can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

I have been using this for over two months now and can honestly see a dramatic difference in my eye area. My dark circles have gone, and this was visible just after a few days of use. I was noticing that I wasn’t applying as much concealer and then realised it was because my dark circles had practically gone. For a working mum who has too many late night and early mornings, this is the greatest result ever! I don’t really get puffy eyes, so can’t really comment on that, but what is the most dramatic of all is the DISSAPEARANCE of my fine lines and crows feet! At 34, I had definitely started to get a few wrinkles and laughter lines around my eyes. No other cream I have ever tried has really changed the appearance of them. This has literally erased them!  Yes, I still have a bit of creasing of the skin in my eye area, but the lines have gone! Simply astonishing, it is a miracle in a tube! 

It has a great texture and consistency, slightly gel like but definitely still a cream and quite light, yet not runny at all. And it comes in a hygienic tube that is perfect even if you are travelling. The price of this 15ml tube is £24.99 from Boots, but is always on some sort of offer!

I really cannot rave about this product enough, it has to be seen to be believed and if you are in the market for a new eye cream, I urge you to try it. This has definitely become Holy grail status for me! 

Have you tried Eysilix? 


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