Yes! Nurse Intensive Moisturising Hand Cream

Having had eczema as a child and grown up with extremely dry hands, I need a hand cream that is going to be super effective. Even though I don’t really suffer with this problem any longer, I still get very dry hands that can get chapped and even cause skin to crack during the winter. It can actually be very painful, so like to use a hand cream that I know is going to work. Quite a few hand creams I have tried in the past actually irritate my sensitive hands and cause them to flare up. Only a few have passed the test, so I had high hopes for this one!

Yes! Nurse Intensive Moisturising Hand Cream was developed by a paediatric nurses who had been signed off work with dry, cracked and sore hands. She noticed that due to frequent hand washing, many of her colleagues were suffering from the same symptoms, so ended up researching, developing and ultimately creating this hand cream, aimed at protecting your lovely hands from becoming dry, chapped and sore, that can occur from constant hand washing and environmental factors such as the weather. When I read this, I knew I had to give this cream a try as this is exactly what I suffer with in the winter months and costing a mere £5.49 for 50ml, there was not much to lose! 

It is packed full of natural ingredients which include sweet almond oil, manuka honey, pomegranate seed oil, aloe leaf extract, wheat germ oil and willow bark extract. The lovely combination of these soothe and heal damaged skin, replenish lost oils and reduce irritation, whilst hydrating the skin too. 

The first thing I loved when I received this, was the cute packaging. The hand cream was nestled inside it’s own little box with illustations about the products and the ingredients it contained. The slimline packaging is designed so it fits perfectly in your pocket or nicely inside your bag, so good for those on-the-go who like to apply it frequently. 

It has an amazing non-greasy formula that absorbs super-quick so you don’t end up with any greasy residue. It just leaves your hands totally nourished, soft and supple. It does not irritate my skin at all and does a fantastic job of hydrating and protecting my hands. The smell is the only thing I’m not crazy about, but can forgive this for the brilliant job it does. A well-worthy investment for the winter months, that I shall 100% be repurchasing. 

Available from Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty.

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