Baby Skin? Not so much!

I was intrigued by the launch of Maybelline Baby Skin the Instant Pore Eraser, sounds great huh?! Having large pores myself and having seen a few postive reviews of this product in the last couple of weeks, I snapped it up to see if the claims were true.

It is a lightweight, clear, silicone gel that promises smooth, poreless looking skin. The texture of this is quite similar to Benefit Porefessional, which I am still on the fence about, but was willing this one to win me over. Sadly it hasn’t. When applied to the skin is does give an instant blurring effect to the skin and pores do appear to be reduced so in that respect, it does what it says on the tin, however that’s where it ends unfortunately. It feels quite slippery on the skin, and when I applied foundation over the top, it tended to slide around quite a lot. As a girl with an oily T-zone, I really need my primer to keep my base in place, and even after an hour or so, I started to see my covered blemishes reappear, not good! Also towards the end of the day, I started to see small dry patches around my chin and at the sides of my head which made my foundation look quite patchy! Now I don’t have dry skin in the slightest, however it is quite dehydrated which I tend to keep at bay with my skincare routine. The Baby Skin seemed to dehydrate my skin, and consequently made my make-up look uneven and far from flawless. Reluctantly, I tried this on a few occasions just to ensure that it wasn’t a one off, and same thing happened. 

Trying to take a positive from this, I can say that it didn’t break out my acne-prone skin, so was pleased about that, but I am disappointed with Maybelline’s latest offering, as I was hoping to find a great budget primer. However, I shall be sticking with my Laura Mercier Radiance Primer or Clinique City Block, (which I often use as a primer – review here), as they are far superior to this. 

Remember please that I have combination to oily skin, so it may work better on different skin types, this is just my opinion on how it worked for me. If you can get it to work for you then it is at a great price of £7.99, available from Boots here and Superdrug here now. 


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