Texturising Sprays | Oribe vs Charles Worthington

Meet my new best friend, the texturising spray. Until about a month ago, I had only ever dabbled with one from V05, which quite frankly did nothing for my fine lifeless hair. Now, there are only so many rave reviews a girl can take before she can’t take any more and has to indulge, and the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray was the culprit this time! It is a pricey little number but thought I could just use it on special occasions. Well now I just want it to be a special occasion every day ‘cos that’s how much I love it. As I mentioned in my Finishing Touches post here, it is like a ‘little can of magic’ which instantly transforms the hair in a single spritz. 

Having long fine hair, it can often look a bit flat and as a frequent hair washer I rarely have that second day hair feel (to me it is easier just to wash it!). This wonder spray aerates the hair giving it hold at the same time so gives a lovely amount of volume and texture to my locks. It’s no lie, I am smitten. The only downside is the price, I cannot justify £18 for everyday use, it would bankrupt me!

However, just when I was getting a bit sad about the prospect of reserving this purely for nights out, the lovely Amelia from Liana Beauty finds a dupe (post here). Welcome Oribes substantially cheaper sister, the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray. At a significantly cheaper £6.99, it is a lot more purse friendly and something I could use everyday without worrying too much about being liberal with my application. I would say that it is a little heavier than the Oribe, so doesn’t add quite as much ‘air’ to the hair, resulting in a little less volume, and has a slightly firmer finish, like a hairspry would give. However, as far as texture goes it is up there with Oribe and as that is the main purpose of the spray, I would say it does a fantastic job. I have been using this most days to achieve that slightly undone, toussled look. It is perfect for lazy girls like me who find it hard to style their hair, literally just spray and go!

I do slightly prefer the Oribe to the CW, but will be saving it for nights out and special occasions. The CW has now made a firm place in my daily hair routine.

Have you tried either of these?


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