A Whiter Smile with Pearlys

Always looking for that whiter smile, I got excited when Liz Ridley from the company was at hand at the South West Bloggers Meet-Up back in November, to show us their products. Pearlys are a UK company that have brightened the teeth of the likes of Josie Gibson and some of the TOWIE cast to name but a few. I was sent some of the home whitening products to try and have now been using them for a good few months, here are my thoughts.

Lets start with the Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder*, a blue powder that you simply dip your electric toothbrush into and use in place of your regular toothpaste once a week. This contains green tea and sodium bicarbonate to freshen and polish. In addition to this, I have also been using the Daily Teeth Whitening Foam* on top of my toothpaste and finally rinsing with the Daily Teeth-Whitening Rinse* as I would a normal mouthwash. I found the powder to be the most effective of the three products as I saw instant results. My teeth appeared visibly whiter, I’m not talking Simon Cowell whiteness here, but I could definitely tell an improvement and my teeth also felt squeaky clean. Everyday, I also used the foam on top of my regular toothpaste followed by the rinse. The foam was an easy addition to my routine and using this in conjucntion with the other products definitely made a difference. However, I have to say that the bottle is a little clunky and after about a months use it kept getting stuck making it awkward to use. I did continue to use it though and it lasted me about 3 months. The mouth rinse lasted me about a month of using it twice daily and completed my home whitening process.

After 4 months of using the Pearlys range, I can definitely see a difference in the whiteness of my teeth, much of the yellowness I had previous to using the products has lifted and my smile is a lot brighter. I would have to say that it is obviously not as effective as a professional treatment, as I do have a couple of areas that still have staining, but on the whole I love the results. The standout product for me has to be the Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder as it intially had instant results, but also with continued use it has definitely made the biggest impact. I also think that this tiny tub is going to last me years as I have hardly put a dent in it after 4 months of use. I found that using the three products in conjuction with each other worked well, but I am also still getting good results just by using the powder alone.

Pearlys Home Whitening is a great treatment for those who prefer not to go to the dentist for teeth whitening or those with mild staining. I would also say that it would be brilliant for maintenance after a professional treatment so as not to let those stains build up again. 

You can get your hands on these products from the Pearlys website here.

Have you ever tried home whitening for your teeth?


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