Moving to New York

As you may know, as I announced on Twitter the other day, I am going to be moving to New York! My husband has got a job in NYC so we are all moving over as a family. Its such a great opportunity that we couldn’t really refuse, but it is a little scary knowing that we are packing our lives up in little old Devon to hit the bright lights of New York. There is so much to sort out before we go, which is why I wanted to explain that if my blogging is not as regular as normal, it is because I will be just super busy sorting out our move, which has to take priority really. So apologies if I am a little distant, but I will try to do as much as I can.

Of course, once I settle in New York, I will be blogging more than ever hopefully. I will have to leave my job in the UK obviously, so am hoping to be a bit more of a full-time blogger out there. Although initially I will be settling in and will have to look after William until we sort out childcare, so will have to suck it and see!

Matt and I were there this week to go house hunting, and we have found the most gorgeous 1920’s style apartment just 30mins on the train from the city, so am so excited to be able to decorate when we arrive! I have already started a Pinterest board with New York Apartment ideas and inspiration. We aim to go at the beginning of June, all things going well with our Visas etc so really have not got long, especially as we have a holiday booked before then…timing!

Thanks to everyone for your words of support and congratulations, I am so glad that in this world of social media, I will still be able to be part of the online blogging community, I will just be on a different timezone! 

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