10 Reasons Why A Holiday Is The Best Beauty Treatment Ever!

I have just returned from two weeks in am Menorca with my little family. Even after just a few days of being there, my skin looked better, I felt less stressed and tired and I am now sporting a pretty decent tan which always makes everything look better. It got me thinking that having a holiday is probably the best beauty treatment you could have! Here’s why:

1. More sleep. Not getting up to that 6.30am alarm clock allows you to get more rest, no bags or puffy eyes! 

2. No stress. Stress has a big effect on the skin, causing redness, inflammation and dehydration of the skin.

3. Feel Healthier. Depending on where you go of course, but I find that when I travel to Spain for example, I tend to eat healthier as there aren’t so many processed foods on offer. Grilled meats, fish, salad, fruit and vegetables feature heavily on the menu!

4. Nails are stronger. Vitamin D from the sunshine helps to strengthen and grow your nails leaving them the best they have ever looked.

5. Smooth Skin. Sand from the beach acts as an exfoliant to make your body (particularly feet) smooth.

6. Happier. Simply the sun shining makes you happy, which is a great feeling after a week, Life feels good! 

7. Skin can Breath. You wear less make-up on holiday allowing your skin to breathe!

8. A Healthy Tan. Tanned skin makes you look healthier. Even if you don’t tan well, a little summer glow does wonders for the complexion. Make sure you always protect it though (I always use SPF 30!)

9. A break from the norm. Forgetting the daily routine is good for the soul, you don’t need to worry about all the chores for a bit and just relax and unwind!

10. Precious time with your family (or friends). Not exactly beauty related I know, but I thought I would add this one. A holiday away with your loved ones is priceless as you get to share so many happy times together and create ever-lasting memories!

I hope you enjoy your holiday if you are having one this summer!


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