Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stains

The drugstore has got me all of a flutter since moving to the States! I have a CVS at the bottom of my road and find myself popping in constantly to see if there has been any new releases! These Revlon ColourStay Moisture Stains caught my eye as I don’t think they have been released in the UK yet (although I believe they are being released at the end of July!). I was also intrigued that the words moisture and stain were on the same product, as more often than not, products that claim to stain your lips, can also be quite drying, so was hoping these would change that!

The packaging is bright and bold and I love how it shows the colour of the product inside, especially as in the States they do not seem to have testers at the drugstore (rubbish!), so it is good to use a guide colour. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply and gives an opaque look in just one coat, although I do like to perfect the look with two! On application it feels very smooth and creamy and this lasts for a good couple of hours on me before wearing away to a pretty stain, without getting patchy, flaky or dry. The formula of these are perfection!

There are twelve shades to choose from, but I bought the shades Miami FeverCannes Crush and London Posh. My favourite of the bunch is Miami Fever which surprised even me as I am more of a nude lip kinda gal! This vibrant orangey red is literally all that has been on my lips since buying it and is the perfect colour for the hot and humid weather we are having here in New York, throw on a pair of dark glasses and you are ready to go! Cannes Crush, is a pretty coral toned pink that flatters my complexion well. It is not as vibrant as Miami Fever, which makes it probably more wearable for everyday. The shade that I though I would like the most is actually my least favourite and that is London Posh, which is a peachy nude with a lovely golden shimmer. I dont hate it be any means, but I have a tonne of lip products this colour and for me these products are all about the brights!

I am fairly new to this kind of lip product and love how you can wear a bold lip without feeling like you have to retouch all the time. It has really got me into wearing bright colours and would recommend them to anyone, even if you are a bit scared of a bold lip! I hope you guys in the UK get them soon!

Available in the US from CVS, Target and Ulta priced between $7.59 – $9.99. 


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