BB Bronzer?

BB Bronzer? Yes, I was intrigued as you probably are too, how a bronzer could be the latest in an ever growing list of BB products? The Physicians Formula Glow-Boosting Beauty Balm BB Bronzer (what a mouthful!) is the first ever of its kind and combines bronzing with BB cream benefits as follows: protecting, moisturising, smoothing, brightening, line softening. It also claims to have a mistake-proof formula, meaning that it is stain-free, streak-free, orange-free and odour-free. These are bold claims indeed for a bronzer, but I have to say it really does live up to them!

I have this in the Medium to Dark shade (it is also available in Light to Medium), which could have been a little dark (you can’t test products in US drugstores!), but it is actually one of the most natural looking bronzers I have ever tried. Not natural in a non-existant, can’t tell that its even on your face way, but natural in a way that you can be very liberal with it and create a beautiful golden glow to the skin without it looking in any way orange. It actually contains glow-activator technology (say what?!), which is meant to enhance and extend the life of your tan glow and improve skin’s clarity and radiance, and I really think it does. It is just very beautifying and gives the skin a warm radiance. In the pan it looks as though it contains shimmer particles, but these are not apparant on the skin at all. It is actually more of a matte bronzer, which has the ability to make the face glow rather than look flat. I would therefore recommend it as an all over bronzer rather than a contour product.

It contains SPF20 which is pretty impressive for a powder product. The active ingredient is titanium dioxide, so if you are like me and break out to chemical sunscreens, this should be fine for you. I have experienced no reactions what so ever from this product. I obviously apply sunscreen underneath my make-up so wouldn’t want to rely on this alone for sunscreen, but it is very handy to be able to easily top-up your SPF throughout the day, without disturbing your make-up. The only claim I am not really sure about is the moisturising one, as I don’t really know how a powder product can moisturise, but what I do know is that it did not dry out my skin in any way or go streaky or patchy. 

This is probably the best drugstore bronzer I have tried and I got it for a bargain after a bit of CVS couponing. It retails at $14.99 (approx £9), but there was an offer on for $6 off, and then I had a coupon for another $4 off, which made it only $4.99 (£3), it was literally an offer I could not refuse, and I’m so glad I didn’t! The only thing it is missing is a mirror, but you can’t have everything I guess!

This is the first Physicians Formula product I have ever tried, so would love some other recommendations if you have them?

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