Long Lasting Make-Up

This summer sure has been hot! I knew it was going to be hot here in New York, but I didn’t appreciate how humid it would be. Some days are worse than others, but when humidity is high you can kiss goodbye to perfect make-up unless you have the right tools to help you through it. I recently talked about how I prime my skin (post here), which is important to help create a good canvas. What I have also found to be effective is the use of a setting spray. I decided on the Urban Decay All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray, as to be honest it was the one that I had heard most about and I really needed something that would work! This is the first setting spray I have ever used, so decided on the smaller 30ml bottle to see how I liked it before I indulged on the larger size. 

Once I have finished my make-up, I take this at arms length and spritz all over. It is a fine oil-free mist, so doesn’t drench your face, but just takes a few seconds to absorb and then you are good to go. Even though I am oily, I suffer with dehydration too so am always worried about how new products affect my skin, but this has been absolutely fine and caused no dry patches or sensitivities at all. I have been mainly using this on days when I go into the city and dont get much chance to touch up. Last week, I was doing a bit of late afternoon shopping and went into a fitting room about 4pm, looked at my make-up and it was literally as though I had recently applied it, I was amazed! This really is very effective and although I was a bit sceptical to begin with, I would highly recommend it especially to those with oily skin, or live in a hot climate, or just need their make-up to stay put all day or night!

Have you tried any make-up setting sprays? What are your thoughts?

Available from Sephora ($14) in US or Debenhams (£9) in UK

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