The BEST Concealer! | Make Up Forever Full Cover

One of my favourite discoveries of last month was the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. The weather is so hot and humid in New York at present, that my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer was just slipping off my face. I still love that concealer, I just think it is suited to cooler temperatures so I’ve had to put it to one side for the moment. 

This is a full coverage concealer that is surprisingly light on the skin, so it doesn’t look cakey or as though you have applied a tonne of product. I apply it with my fingertips, pat it into the skin and finally blend it in with my favourite concealer brush, the Real Techniques Setting Brush which really does the best job of any brushes I’ve tried. I have it in the shade 7 which is a perfect match for my summer skintone at the moment and because it is so creamy, it just blends in so easily and does an amazing job of covering my blemishes and redness. It is also designed to be able to cover, hyper pigmentation, discolourations, scars, burns and even tattoos, although I cannot comment on its effectiveness for this!

The stand out quality for me though is its ultra-long lasting and waterproof formula which means that it stays put all day long even in hot, humid weather without it melting off my face and anyone with oily skin will understand that this is no mean feat. A little goes a long way with this too, so I can see this small tube lasting me a while. One to put on your shopping list for your next Sephora shopping spree!

Available from Sephora (which now ships to the UK), priced at $32.

Come and join me! 



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