Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging

OK, so I realise that have been featuring a lot of products recently that have been helping to keep my make-up in place, and this is no exception. The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is no stranger to beauty blogs, but this it the Anti-Aging formula, something that I definitely need now that I am over 30!

It does the same incredible job as the original formula of creating a smooth base for eyeshadows to be applied crease free but this formula also contains ingredients to “fight wrinkles and improve texture and tone”. Now that I have reached my mid-thirties, I am defintitely up for anything that is going to give the apprearance of yonger, fresher skin, especially in the eye area. Whilst I dont have lots of wrinkles just yet, I do notice that skin is not as tight as it was ten years ago, so am susceptible to creasing if I go without a primer. As soon as I apply this, I notice that it blurs the fine lines and slight crepiness have in my crease area, creating a uniform colour across the lid. I dont really have any redness or apparant veins on my lids, however this really does make my lids brighter and smoother, and would say that if you suffered from these sort of imperfections, this would do an amazing job at concealing them and create a perfect canvas on which to apply your shadow. 

Apart from the anti-aging benefits, this also does a great job of making your shadow stay put all day long and increases the vibrancy too. I tested this out by applying this primer potion to one lid only to see how my shadow differed. After just three hours of wear, the shadow without the primer had showed signs of wear and creasing, whilst the lid with the primer potion, looked as perfect as when I had applied it. Even at the end of the day, the shadow still looked very much apparant with hardly any creasing, which in the hot climate I live in at the moment is miraculous!

I am hooked on this now as I can really see a noticable difference it makes to my eyeshadow and it is something that I definitely need now that I have reached my mid-thirties (yikes!) to create a flawless base.

Available from Sephora ($13) in US and House of Fraser (£10) in UK.

Come and join me! 



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