You Had Me At Coral Blush!

Benefit Majorette Cream-To Powder Blush
Benefit Majorette Cream-To Powder Blush

Benefit Majorette Cream-To Powder Blush

Benefit Majorette Cream-To-Powder Blush

When I saw Benefit were releasing a coral blush, it went straight to the top of my wish list. I am just totally obsessed with anything coral, so it was inevitable that this had to be mine. Benefit Majorette is just the cutest thing I have ever seen, the packaging which I initially thought was a macaroon, is actually a majorette drum, hence the name! It is nice to see a difference in the packaging from the regular boxed powders, whilst I do really like them, they do tend to get a bit battered if you cart them around in your bag everyday! This is made of sturdy plastic and includes a mirror in the lid and a cover for the blush itself. 

Majorette is a cream-to-powder blush, which is actually marketed as a blush booster, meaning that it can be worn alone or as a layer underneath a powder blush to intensify your look. I can report that anyway which way you wear this, it is simply beautiful! I find it easiest applied with my fingers (although you may prefer a stippling brush), and the texture is just so that your finger glides over it so smoothly, picking up enough product to apply to the cheeks which blends so seamlessly onto the skin. I love this cream-to-powder formulation, as once on the skin, it feels so smooth, not at all tacky like you can get with some cream blushes. It is lovely and pigmented so you get that pop of colour, yet it looks so fresh and natural on the cheeks. I love wearing it alone like this for an instant pretty glow, but I have also tried it underneath another Benefit Coralista blush (a shimmery coral), which really intensifies the colour and also increases the longevity. Sandwiching Majorette between my base make-up and a powder blush really increased the wear time and my blush lasted all day without any signs of fading. 

Benefit Majorette and Benefit Coralista
Top Swatch – Benefit Majorette
Middle Swatch – Benefit Majorette with Benefit Coralista layered over it
Bottom Swatch – Benefit Coralista

This is a great release from Benefit as it is so versatile. Not only is it a gorgeous peachy cream blush, but you can also layer it under another shade of blush to create a different look, even if coral is not your thing! It also smells amazing by the way!

Available in the US from Sephora ($28) and in the UK from House of Fraser (£23.50)

Will you be picking this up?

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