Beating Jet Lag

5 Steps to Beating Jet Lag!

So at the beginning of this week, I was suffering with the dreaded jet lag, I was tired, grumpy, my skin felt grotty and everything was just a massive effort. To help combat the effects, I took a few steps to sort myself out!

The very first thing I did was apply a hydrating face mask overnight. I used the Glamglow Thirstymud which smells like a tropical island, and is heavenly for restoring the moisture balance in my skin. It is so hydrating and really soothes and restores the skin. If you fly often, you need this in your life! 

The First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy is an essential for banishing those under-eye circles that you will no doubtedly have with disturbed sleeping patterns. It is so brightening and it’s metal applicator soothes the skin and reduces puffiness too. I use this every morning! 

I have recently started going to Soul Cycle classes every week, which are incredible! The all-over body workout that you get is an amazing way to stay in shape, but it is also so much more than that. Every time I do a class, I just feel so motivated and inspired and come out with a positive mental attitude, I am officially obsessed!

I always feel so much better when I get my five-a-day, I actually get withdrawals symptoms if I don’t get my daily dose of vitamins and minerals. To help with this, I have been loving the Very Green 100% Juice Smoothie from Trader Joes which even though it contains all the greens such as spinach, broccoli, spirulina and blue green algae, it also contains delicious fruits to make it taste good. I always feel so much better after a glass of this! 

Finally, I carry the This Works Breathe In roller ball which I like to rub onto my pulse point and inhale to chill me out when I get stressy from lack of sleep. The blend of frankincense and eucalyptus does a great job at relaxing and calming my mind, allowing me to refocus!

After a couple days, I was back to normal, these few things really do make a difference! What steps do you take to overcome jet lag?

Come and join me! 



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