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Glossier is a new beauty brand that has recently launched in the US and is the brainchild of Emily Weiss. Emily is the founder and author of Into The Gloss (ITG), the beauty blog and website that has gained a cult following all over the world and is now run by an editorial team here in New York.

She has recently launched Glossier, whos tag line is Skin First, Make-Up Second, Smile Always – a great philosophy that any beauty addict can relate to. As a modern woman and beauty junkie, I absolutely love the story and ethos behind the brand, which you can read about here

Initially, they have launched a set of four products, which are collection of staples to create the perfectly primed canvas, on which to build the rest of your look. These four products are the Soothing Face Mist, Priming Moisturizer, Balm Dotcom and Perfecting Skin Tint and have been developed for real life as they explain:

 “our formulas are designed to live with you, not on you, an enhance what you already have. They are meant to be touched, smooshed, travelled with, cherished, and shared until their packages are crinkly and dirty and can literally give no more.”

I was lucky enough to go to their pop-up shop which opened in New York for a couple of weeks to try out the products. All the products come in pink and white no-frills packaging, which is practical, yet still manages to be girly. All four products really impressed me when testing them, and I ended up buying both the Priming Moisturizer and Skin Tint. I could have bought all four, but as you will have seen from yesterdays post, I really do not need another face mist just at the moment and even though I I love the idea of a do-everything balm, I actually rarely use them, although I may have to come back for this one during the winter if my skin goes into meltdown! Here are my thoughts on the other two products, please note that I have only had them for a week, so it is not a full review, just my initial impressions.

Glossier Priming Moisturiser ($25) is a beautiful non-greasy, hydrating cream that gets instantly absorbed by the skin, which is perfect for my combination skin as it is often hard to find a non-greasy product that is hydrating at the same time. There is no resdiue, meaning that make-up can be applied immediately after using this which I love and is especially good when you are pushed for time. It reduces redness amazingly well, and leaves my skin soft and plump ready for my make-up. What I love most is that you do not need to bother with a primer so is a great multi-use product. I shall post a full review on my thoughts after a proper trial though, stay posted!

The second product I picked up is the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium ($26), which is a very un-me product to buy as it is a very sheer base which I usually would steer clear of. This aims to perfect the skin by minimizing pores, brightening and blurring the skin. On its own, it is too sheer for my hormonal, acne-prone skin, but the lady in the shop said that she mixed it with foundation to give a beautiful glow. I have been mixing it with my Nars Sheer Glow and I couldn’t be happier with the effect. My skin is radiant, fine lines and pores are blurred and I have a lovely glow, that, worn over the priming moisturiser seems to last all day. It also reduces the amount of foundation that I am applying, so my skin feels a lot lighter!

First impressions of Glossier is that they have got it spot on, they understand what women want in products and are doing a great job providing the results at an affordable price. I am looking forward to trialing these products more and will no doubt have to purchase the other products in the line very soon! From what I can see these products are only available in the US at present, but I am sure will migrate to the UK and other countries in the future. Congratulations to Glossier on a great collection, I am excited to see what they will bring out next!

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