Making Mac Soar Work

Making Mac Soar Lip Liner Work - Mac Soar Lipliner and Mac Brave Lipstick

Mac Soar Lip Liine

Mac Brave Lipstick

Making Mac Soar Lip Liner Work (Kylie Jenner) - Mac Soar Lip Liner & Mac Brave Lipstick

When Kim Kardashian spilt the beans that sister Kylie wore Mac Soar Lip Liner, I was totally sold and after not being able to source it for a couple of weeks, I eventually got my hands on it. It is described as a mid-tone pinkish brown which I think leans slightly mauve and is a shade that I have never experimented before really, but it is beautiful. Kylie Jenner likes to fill in her whole lip with this and nothing else, and even though this looked pretty and lasted incredibly well, I felt it looked a little flat and I personally felt like I needed a little moisture on my lips.

I went back to Mac and after a little swatching session, found Brave Lipstick to be a great match. Brave is described as a pink-beige with white pearl, however the pearl is not obvious, it just stops the lipstick from running too plummy and gives it a luminosity when it catches the light. It is a satin finish which makes it very creamy and smooth to apply, which is also comfortable and hydrating on the lips.
The Kylie Jenner Lip - Mac Soar Lip Liner & Mac Brave Lipstick
The combination of these is just perfection and even though they are slightly more cool in tone than I am used to, it makes for a different lip combo that I am loving this winter.

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