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If you are longing for a manicure that rivals any salon, look no further as this winning combo will give you the best chip free DIY manicure thats lasts for up to a week!

I have never had much luck with nail polish lasting very long on my nails, I’ll probably get three days wear if I am lucky! However, my recent combination of base and top coat and my favorite drugstore nail polish, are actually doing the trick and giving me chip free nails for up to seven days!

It is no secret that the Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay Nail Polish is one of the best around. It has a super wide brush which makes application a breeze, it doesn’t streak or fade and is simply the longest lasting polish I have found. There are a whole array of shades available, but I have (L-R) Divine Wine, the perfect berry shade (review here), Hot Salsa, a vibrant pink coral and Deep Red, which name sums it up, but honestly, I need more of these in my life. The disappointing thing with these, is that they are not (for some unknown stupid reason!) available in the US!! I mean, Maybelline is a US brand for heavens sake! I will just have to make a point of picking some up when I am next home in the UK.

To give the color extra longevity, protect my nails and give it a shiny finish, I always use a base and top coat. Over the years I have played around with many, but my current combination are the best I have used. As my base coat, the Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat is outstanding, it leaves a slightly rubbery layer when applied so that the polish applied afterwards really grips to the nail. It protects my nails from staining and doesn’t cause the polish to peel off, which I have often found with some other base coats. It is just super effective and the only base coat I have ever really wanted to repurchase!

As far as top coats go, they all seem to do a great job at making the nail glossy, some more than others! One annoyance that I find with painting my nails is the impatience I have with waiting for them to dry and doing things too soon and consequently smudging and ruining my manicure! It has happened on many an occasion, but I have the best solution now. The Sally Hanson Insta-Dri Top Coat seriously works miracles, you can apply it on just painted nails and within a minute they are set and dry and you can carry on with your day. This is a serious game changer for me, I haven’t ruined my nails since wearing it and I love that you don’t have to keep still for hours to wait for your nails to dry. It is anti-chip and makes them lovely and glossy too, so it really does tick all the boxes!

Have you tried any of these? What are your favorite polishes?

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