Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer | Radiant Bronze Light

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer is by far the most exciting launch of Spring 2015. As a recent convert to their Ambient Lighting Powders and a bronzer addict, I was excited to hear that Hourglass were releasing two new bronzers to their line. These bronzers are in the same vain as the Ambient Lighting Blushes, a swirly combination of a gorgeous bronzer paired with the effects of the Ambient Lighting Powder. Hourglass describes them as illuminating bronzers with Photoluminescent Technology, featuring bronze pigments that deliver a natural looking, sun kissed glow while flaunting depth and dimension. 

The two shades are Luminous Radiant Light, a medium-tan shade infused with luminous light powder ideal for light/medium complexions; and Radiant Bronze Light, a warm bronze shade fused with Radiant Light powder, ideal for Medium/Dark complexions. I have a light/medium complexion which is more medium in the summer months, so I actually decided on the darker of the two, Radiant Bronze Light as I already have quite a few lighter toned bronzers and really wanted something that would compliment my current tanned skin. 

I am so happy with my choice, I love the warmth that the Radiant Bronze Light shade gives to the skin and although it appears shimmery in the pan, this is not apparent when applied to the skin. It, instead, gives your skin that radiant ‘JLo glow’ in an instant and because it illuminates and bronzes simultaneously, I don’t feel the need to add contour and highlight with the product. I could even forgo blush as I feel this bronzer really lifts the color of my face, giving you that ‘just got back from holiday’ look. It really is the lazy girls perfect companion!

For skin tones any lighter than mine (Mac NC 30/35/Nars Punjab), the Radiant Bronze Light shade would possibly be too dark and would be better suited to the Luminous Radiant Light instead, although I haven’t tried this personally, it is the lighter option. 

I have become obsessed with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer and have literally worn it daily since I purchased it. It looks stunning on the skin and I love that it boosts the complexion without making it look flat as some, more matte bronzers can do. I think the Radiant Bronze Light shade is the perfect selection to see me all the way through the summer months and then I may have to pick up the Luminous Radiant Light shade as I become a bit paler later in the year!

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzers are available from Sephora ($50) in the US. They will be launching in the UK this month (possibly next week!) from Space NK.

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