My Evening Skincare Routine

My Evening Skincare Routine

Last week, I told you about my morning skincare routine, so today its time to let you know all about my evening skincare routine and the products and steps I take each night. Just to remind you, I have combination-oily skin (Oily T-zone) that is dehydrated, fairly sensitive and acne prone.

I firstly remove all my make up with The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, which I have found to be the most effective way of taking off all my make up at one. I massage it into my skin and eyelids, paying particular attention to my lashes. The oil breaks down the make up so easily and then I remove it with a hot cloth.

Following this, I use the Glamglow Supercleanse Daily Treatment Cleanser as my second cleanse. It looks similar to a charcoal mask when applied as it is grey in color, but mixed with a little water, it transforms to a creamy foam which gives the skin a really super cleanse. It is like giving your skin a mini mask each night, which sounds like it would be too much, but I don’t find this to be stripping at all, it just does a great job at deep cleaning the skin. This is a great option for problematic skins that need decongesting, but are still dehydrated!

After cleansing, I exfoliate with the Pixi Glow Tonic which I adore. This chemical exfoliator contains glycolic acid which helps to remove dead skin cells and leave the skin brighter, firmer and smoother. I just take a small amount on a cotton pad and wipe it over the skin.

I then spritz my face with La Roche Posay Serozinc to hydrate the skin as well as tackling blemishes. I reviewed this in full here, but have really been benefitting from the results as it helps to tackle breakouts in a very gentle way. And you know I love a good face spray!

I then apply my eye cream, and one that I have loved using recently, (although it has nearly run out!) is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye. It has a lovely thick gel texture to it which smooths over the eye area so nicely. It also does a rather great job at diminishing those pesky fine lines so think I will be repurchasing this soon!

Then depending on how dehydrated my skin feels, I sometimes like to apply a layer of the Vichy Aqualia Thermal as does a great job at giving that extra hydration that my skin often needs. I use this every morning but probably every other at night.

In the evenings, I prefer to use a face oil than a moisturizer. I know some people would do both, but I really don’t feel that I need another layer of moisture with my skin type. I do change these up from time to time, but the one that I have been loving the most recently is the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. I take a dropper full of this and massage it into my skin, allowing it to be fully absorbed before I hit the pillow! This is a great oil for combatting dehydration and my skin feels so much happier with this come the morning.

That is it for the most part, however a couple of times a week I like to use a face mask too and other acid treatments such as Alpha H Liquid Gold. Perhaps I will do another post on my favorite skincare treatments soon!

I hope you have found this post interesting, I always love seeing what combination of skincare products other people use. I fyou do have any questions though, please leave them in the comments below!

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