Orly Won’t Chip

Orly Won't Chip Review

Chipped nails is something that I seriously suffer with, most polishes don’t last more than 3 days on me without signs of wear! I don’t know if its me being heavy handed or the condition of my nails, but polish never really lasts that long. My best case is when I wear the Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Polishes, which last about 4 days on me, but of course there are other brands that I want to wear, so needed something that would help them stay chip free for as long as possible.

When I was in CVS, I came across Orly Won’t Chip, and the name instantly made me want to but it. I am a massive fan of Orly Bonder, their rubberized base coat, so I had high hope for this top coat. 

The product itself is nice and thin and has a long narrow brush which makes application a dream. My normal nail routine is a layer of base coat, two layers of polish finishing with a layer of top coat. I had previously used the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for its ability to dry my manicure in seconds which I loved! This is not as fast drying as the Sally Hansen, however it didn’t take too long to dry and the reason I bought this particular product was to make a difference to the wear time of my manicure.

I was really happy with the results of Orly Wont Chip, it definitely delivered great results for me. I got 5 days wear out of my manicure before it started to chip, which, for me is amazing. From the photo above you can see slight wear on the tips, but this was taken on day 4 of my manicure, so I am really happy with the wear time that this gives my polish and it kept them beautifully glossy until I removed it.

If you struggle with chipped nails like I do, then I would highly recommend you giving this a go!

Orly Won’t Chip is available from Ulta ($10) in the US and Look Fantastic (£11.40) in the UK.

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