Frank Body Scrub

Frank Body Scrub

Frank Body Scrub ($14.95) has been all over social media for the past year or so, they have a great Instagram page, which I have been following for a while now and I keep seeing glowing reviews of this coffee body scrub, so I thought I would test it out for myself to see what all the hype was about!

Frank Body Scrub

The scrub itself is made from roasted and ground coffee which is mixed with almond oil, along with brown sugar and sea salt, which is what gives it its exfoliation properties. This is the original scent and it smells exactly like ground coffee, so if you don’t like this scent you won’t like this, but I happen to like the smell of coffee, so it was fine for me. This scrub also comes in two other scents, Coconut and Cacao which may be more pleasing to some. It comes packaged in a foil lined brown paper bag with a resealable strip. Although this packaging is quite unique and fun, it makes it quite awkward to use in the shower without getting wet. I therefore resort to pouring myself a handful before I step into the shower, so it doesn’t ruin the rest of the product. I would love to see this in a plastic container that is more shower friendly. 

Frank Body scrub

Packaging aside, the body scrub itself is a dry scrub which is like nothing else I have tried before. A small handful is enough to scrub your entire body and let me tell you it really gets to work on those dry patches. I love a hard working body scrub that you can really feel working and this is just that. It does an amazing job of exfoliating the skin leaving it exceptionally smooth and soft. I have been applying it at the beginning of my shower and then trying to leave as much on a possible while I get on with the rest of my shower before rinsing it off.

Frank Body Scrub

Although the results of this Frank Body Scrub are fantastic, it honestly gives me the smoothest skin ever, there is a downside to this product and that is the mess! The mess that it makes in the shower is ridiculous, because it is a dry scrub, all the tiny grains of coffee are speckled all over the shower/bath and if you have a white bathroom like me, this makes it so messy. I have therefore been saving this for days when I need to clean the bathroom to be sure that all the grains are thoroughly washed away!

If you can deal with the mess and the packaging, the Frank Body Scrub is an amazing product, my skin has never been softer. The coffee is also meant to be great in treating stretch marks, cellulite, eczema and other skin conditions and there has been some great evidence of this which you can see on their website, but I think you would have to use it pretty regularly to see results of this. I love this product, but think I would only repurchase if they updated the packaging and made it a little more bathroom friendly, as personally I need ease of use!

Have you tried Frank Body Scrub? What are your thoughts?

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