Mac Teddy Eye Kohl

Mac Teddy Eye Kohl

Mac Teddy is an eye pencil that has been on my wish list forever, I have seen it in so many YouTube makeup tutorials and it always manages to make eyes look beautifully defined without being harsh. As I have blonde hair and green eyes, I favor a brown eyeliner as opposed to black (which always looks too much on me), so knew I needed to get my hands on this sought after eyeliner.

Mac Teddy Eye Kohl

Mac Teddy is an intense chocolately bronze with a subtle copper shimmer to it. It is warm in tone and in a certain light has a slight redness to it which really compliments my coloring and make my green eyes pop. I have worn it on both top and bottom lash lines, as well as in the waterline and love the definition it gives without being to much. 

I prefer a more smudgy look to my liner and it does blend well on the lash line. I wouldn’t say it was the most long lasting in the waterline, but overall it is a really beautiful eyeliner which I am glad I now have in my collection.

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