Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

Gradual tanning lotions are actually my favorite way to fake tan, it is effortless, fuss-free and can be easily done as part of your everyday routine. As regular readers of this blog will know, I am a huge fan of Cocoa Brown tanning products (see my tanning routine here), they are honestly the only brand I use for all my tanning needs as they are so effective, very reasonably priced and are now widely available. 

In New York, Summer still seems to be here for a bit, so even though I am not really lying out in the sun, I am still wearing summer dresses and shorts so still need to keep my tan topped up. The Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze* ($9.99) is a gradual tanning moisturizer that can be applied daily to give your skin a lovely hint of color. The color that this gradual tanner gives is beautiful, it looks very natural, yet still gorgeously sun kissed. I personally don’t use this everyday, and prefer to use it 1-2 times a week to give me a sun kissed glow as I think it lasts well on the skin and don’t feel the need for it daily.

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze & Chocolate Whip

Application is easy, I always make sure I exfoliate my skin first (using Tough Stuff of course!) and then once out of the shower and dry, I literally just apply it as I would a body moisturizer, just taking a little extra care to rub it in into all areas thoroughly, and making sure to wash my hands. It absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave the skin feeling tacky, so I can get dressed soon after. 

I never have any streaks or marks after using this, making it a great all-round tanning product even for those who would usually shy away from fake-tans, it really is fool proof and would highly recommend it. You can obviously use it as much or as little as you like depending on how you like the intensity or your tan and it is a great product to use throughout the autumn and winter months when you want a bit more of a subtle tan.

The days that I don’t use this, I have been using Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip*, an oil-free body moisturizer that extends the life of your tan and ensures an even fade. It smells of Tahitian Gardenia and Cocoa which is amazing, sort of like a non-sickly, fresh chocolate scent which is actually quite subtle so is a joy to apply. Again this absorbs easily as it is very lightweight and leaves the skin beautifully hydrated. On especially dry patches such as my knees, I do need to apply something a little more intense, but for the rest of my body, it leaves my skin soft and smooth!

If you have not tried Cocoa Brown tanning products, I would 100% recommend them, every single product that I have tried from the brand is incredible and you may seen that even Kylie Jenner is now a massive fan, causing it to sell out in the US!!

You can buy Cocoa Brown from Ricky’s and Walmart in the US and Superdrug, Tesco and Feel Unique (free worldwide shipping) in the UK. 

*PR Samples

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