Pregnancy Update | 29 Weeks

Pregnancy Update 29 Weeks

I haven’t done a pregnancy update since I was 20 weeks, because really I have not had much to tell. I have been feeling fine and just getting on with life as normal. The baby has been growing well and we are lucky enough not to have had any complications.

Last weekend my husband surprised me with a ticket home to the UK as my friends were throwing me a baby shower. Words can’t express how grateful I was to be flying back to the UK (I miss it so much!) and to have my best friends all together for the weekend was just the best. They all made such a huge effort to be there and I was spoilt with loads of gorgeous presents and a beautiful buffet of delicious food and yummy cakes. It was an amazing weekend that I shall never forget, thank you girls!

The day after I returned to New York, I then had my 28 week scan. This was something new to me as when I had William in the UK, I only had two scans at 12 and 20 weeks, so this was so exciting. Of course the baby was so much bigger than at 20 weeks and we properly got to see her face which was so nice. The sonographer turned on the 4D imaging too so we could get a proper look at our little girl (check my Instagram for picture). We are so happy that she is developing well (almost 3lbs already!) and that there were no concerns.

So now I am in my third and final trimester with only 11 weeks till my due date. Over the next couple of weeks, we are trying to get organized with the nursery and sort out why we need to buy still. Up until now, we haven’t done much at all, so it will be nice to get things sorted.

Skincare wise, my skin has probably been the best it has looked for a while. I have made sure that I have kept it totally hydrated, as this was my error with my first pregnancy and caused me to have the most awful skin of my life. I shall probably do a pregnancy skincare post soon though, so you can see all the products I have been using recently. For preventing stretch marks I have been religiously using the Pai Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark System which comprises of a cream that I use in the mornings and an oil at night. I have really been loving using this and up until now, no new stretch marks to report!

I am still trying to keep active, although things are getting harder now and am finding fitness more challenging. Up until now I have been going to Soul Cycle twice a week which I love so much and has kept my fitness levels up, but it is getting more uncomfortable now, so I shall see how I go.

I think that is all I have to report for now, I will be back soon with another update and promise not to leave it as long this time!

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