Laura Mercier Little Indulgences

Laura Mercier Little Indulgences Hand & Body Creme Collection

In the recent Sephora VIB Rouge sale I treated myself to the Laura Mercier Little Indulgences Hand & Body Creme Collection. I have wanted to try Laura Mercier body products for a while now, so this gorgeous little collection seemed like a good place to start to try out the different scents, and while I was getting 20% discount it almost seemed rude not to!

The set contains 4 x 1oz tubes of hand and body creme in the scents Ambre Vanille, Almond Coconut Milk, Creme Brûlée and Tarte Au Citron, which honestly all smell divine, it really is hard to pick a favorite. Ambre Vanille combines the soft sensuality of amber with the warmth comfort of vanilla; Almond Coconut Milk is a seductive and warm blend of almond, coconut and vanilla; Creme Brûlée include notes of warm caramel, spun sugar and french vanilla bean; and finally Tarte Au Citron combines lemon zest, sugared citron and whipped vanilla custard. I think Ambre Vanille is the scent that I love the most though as anything vanilla just gets me, and amber is another scent that I keep favoring without even realizing, it prevents the vanilla from being too sickly. Laura Mercier does a gorgeous Ambre Vanilla Body Collection especially for Christmas, so I may just have to put this on my list!

The hand creams themselves absorb extremely quickly and do not leave any greasy residue at all, I was pleasantly surprised by this as I really hate hand creams that leave any sort of sticky feeling. They leave the skin feeling super soft and the scent honestly lasts for hours, even after hand washing which I loved as I could smell the beautiful scent for most of the day.

I love these Laura Mercier Hand and Body Creams (although I will probably just use them on my hands due to the size of the tubes), I think the collection would make the perfect Christmas gift for a female friend or relative. They feel very luxurious but at only $32 for the set, they are a relatively affordable gift. I now can’t wait to try more!

Have you tried Laura Mercier body products? What is your favorite scent?

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