Pregnancy Update | 35 Weeks

35 Weeks Pregant

So I am coming to the end of my pregnancy with only 5 weeks (I hope!) until the big day and can hardly believe our little girl is going to be with us so soon.

Everything is going well, I really have no complaints, although things are starting to get a little uncomfortable now and sometimes it is hard to get comfortable. I can definitely feel her a lot more when she moves around and kicks, which is a good thing and I am pleased to report she is now in the correct position for birth. At my 28 week scan, it showed that the baby was breech, and whilst told not to worry as most babies will turn around naturally, in the back of my mind all I could think about was a caesarian, which of course I would have preferred not to have. But at my recent doctors check this week, she seemed to have moved position which I was so happy about. I have another scan scheduled in 10 days time, which will double check her position and growth and determine just how big she will be!

Our nursery is all but finished, we just have a few finishing touches to do, like put up pictures etc. but it is almost there. I also have a little shopping list of things I need to get for myself and the baby, so will hit the baby store we have near to us in the next week or so for all those bit and pieces. I also need to dust of the pram and car seat that we had from William to make sure that it is all ready to go, and once all that is done, I guess it will be time to pack a hospital bag!

We visited the hospital this week too, which was great, it seems to be well equipped with everything I am going to need so don’t have to really take too much apart from toiletries and personal comforts. I will have a two night stay there  so at least I can get prepared for that now. 

I am still using the Pai Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark System (read about this in my Pregnancy Body Essentials post), which I highly recommend to any pregnant mums. I have no new stretch marks so far from this pregnancy and as someone who is prone to them, I am thrilled. I am going to continue using this after the baby is born too as I am so happy with the results and of course I will do a full review of this once the baby is born. 

I will try and update again before I give birth, but I know by that time I will be feeling fed up and just wanting her out, so I apologize now if this doesn’t materialize! Thanks for everyones lovely comments on Twitter and Instagram, it is so sweet of you and very much appreciated!

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