My Kit Co. Makeup Brushes

My Kit Co. Make Up Brushes

I am a bit obsessed with makeup brushes right now, good brushes really are the secret to beautiful makeup and I can’t seem to get enough of experimenting with different brushes at the moment, to change up and perfect my look. There is one brand of brushes that I have particularly been loving,  and that is My Kit Co., a newly launched brand to the UK, headed up by James Malloy (Director of MAC Artistry for 15 years) and partner Alex Thompson (an acquaintance of mine!). My Kit Co. offers an extensive range of makeup brushes, for the consumer and professional alike. 

My Kit Co. Make Up Brushes

I bought a mixture of both ranges, and have to say that the quality of these brushes is amazing, the face brushes are honestly the softest I have ever tried and the eye brushes make light work of precision detail and blending. The handles are made from solid wood and I love the charcoal grey and turquoise designs which sets them apart from all the black handles brushes I have in my collection! I have five brushes to show you today, but I have already made my wish list for my next purchase as they have thoroughly impressed me!

My Kit Co. Make Up Brushes - My Defining Contour

0.3 My Defining Contour – this brush is amazing at getting contour exactly where you want it. Its has a gently curved head that fits perfectly in the hollows of the cheeks and is slim enough to get just the right amount of contour around the temples and jawline. The angled head allows you blend product seamlessly so you don’t get any harsh edges and the bristles are super soft so blending is a dream!

My Kit Co. Make Up Brushes - My Blush & Powder

0.5 My Blush & Powder – this is my favorite brush I think I have ever owned! Bold statement I know, but this brush is honestly the softest that I have ever experienced. I use it for applying powder, bronzer and blush and it applies the product so evenly and because of the domed head and soft (did I mention this was soft?!) head, it blends beautifully across the skin. I love it!

My Kit Co. Make Up Brushes - My Brow Teaser

2.1 My Brow Teaser – there is not too much to say about this one really, great for brushing through the brows and separating lashes!

My Kit Co. Make Up Brushes - My Bold Brow

2.2 Pro My Bold Brow – this brush is very unique as it is much fatter, wider and firmer than your average angled brush, which makes it amazing for applying brow pomades and powder, quickly and precisely. I have very sparse brows and this brush allows me to get a great shape with minimal effort. Another way that I have been using this brush is for creating a smokey winged liner look on both the upper and lower lash line. Because of its thick head, you can really smoke out eyeshadow on the lash line and wing it out in seconds, its my new favorite trick!

My Kit Co. Make Up Brushes - My Detailing Smudge

1.13 My Detailing Smudge – this brush is incredible for all the finer details. I love this for smoking out kohl liner along the lashline, its small head makes it easy to get right to the roots of the lashes and buff away any harsh edges. It is also perfect for adding highlight to the inner corner of the eye.

I cannot recommend My Kit Co. enough, if you are after amazing quality brushes at reasonable prices then take a look at their website as there is a whole range of gorgeous brushes to be had. They also stock accessories such as kit bags, sponges and magnetic palettes which all feature their very cute logo!

I am obsessed with these brushes and can’t wait to add more to my collection!


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