Lancome Juicy Shaker Review

I admit, I bought the new Lancome Juicy Shaker purely for the novelty value. There was something about having a lip product inside a teeny tiny cocktail shaker. Plus I love the nod to the original Juicy Tubes which were a staple in all my friends makeup bags at the time!

Lancome Juicy Shaker

Of course, I had to pick up the peachiest shade of the bunch, Freedom of Peach, which I also thought would be the perfect choice for Spring. The product itself is actually a lip oil that you shake (hence the cocktail shaker!) to combine the pigment of color with the oil blend of five nourishing oils. It has peach kernel oil as an emollient to soften, sweet almond oil to condition, apricot oil to hydrate, cranberry oil for its antioxidant properties and finally muscat rose oil to soothe. The combination of these oils make this product more of a treatment really than just your average lip stain, so I really like that about it.

Lancome Juicy Shaker

To use, you just give the Juicy Shaker a little shake to emulsify them together and apply using my favorite thing about this product, the softest, most cushiony sponge. I don’t know what it is about it, but this soft little applicator is such a joy to use and actually quite addictive! The product itself feels very lightweight on the lips, which is not at all sticky and leaves a lovely shine. It is a fairly sheer sort of product, which I know may disappoint some people, but I actually love sheer lip products for the feel that they have on the lips and their ability to apply them wherever you are even without the aid of  a mirror! Freedom of Peach is a very pale peach shade, that just adds a fresh touch of color to the lips. The longevity is not great but I honestly don’t mind as I am happy to reapply as the applicator is so nice to use, plus it tastes incredible (like peaches!), and feels very hydrating too!

Lancome Juicy Shaker

I don’t think this product is a must-have in all honesty, but I really love it. The shaker bottle is so unique and I love the cuteness and the aesthetics of it all. The Lancome Juicy Shaker is now available  from Sephora and Nordstrom ($21) in 19 different shades, so something for everyone!

What do you think of Lancome’s new Juicy Shakers?


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