NIOD Photography Fluid Review

NIOD Photography Fluid Review

So this review has been a long time coming. Ever since I bought the NIOD Photography Fluid back in January, it has become a firm favorite and I honestly use it nearly every day, as there is something a little magical about this, that I cannot resist! I first heard of it from my lovely friend Stacey, who shouted about it from the rooftops and if Stacey says it’s good, then it’s good as she is one of the most honest bloggers I know (definitely worthy of a follow if you are not already!).

So what the hell is Photography Fluid? It doesn’t honestly sound like something you would want to put on your skin, but actually it is a priming fluid that you apply before foundation that has topical photo-finishing technologies combined with light reflecting prisms that instantly transforms the skin. As Stacey said “its like an Instagram filter for your face”. You had me at Instagram filter, I was sold, especially since at the time I had a very newborn baby and would buy anything that helped transform my tired appearance!

It is a yellow-toned serum-textured treatment, that corrects redness, minimizes the appearance of imperfections and evens the skin tone. It also has radiance-boosting and blurring properties that visibly reduces fines lines and pores. The last point to note is that is oil-free and hydrating, which as a girl with combination-oily dehydrated skin, is the dream!

NIOD Photography Fluid Review

I am personally not the biggest fan of primers, they never really impress me that much and the only ones I have really liked have been the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow and the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer, both of which have radiance enhancing ingredients. I think thats why I prefer these types of primers to your traditional kind, as they give my skin an extra boost, giving me that ‘lit from within’ glow that I strive for daily! The NIOD Photography Fluid is basically a more potent version of these and gives you the ultimate glow. 

It comes in a small dropper bottle, which is my only criticism with this, as all the product attaches itself to the dropper and you have to scrape it off, rather than dispensing it. Dispensing issues aside, the Photography Fluid itself is a fairly thick consistency but does not feel at all heavy or greasy on the skin and does not have that slip that silicone-based primers have to them. In fact, if feels pretty weightless on the skin and once rubbed in, leaves the most glorious luminous golden sheen whilst managing to blur imperfections too!

NIOD Photography Fluid Review

I love how brightening the NIOD Photography Fluid is too, without being obvious. Once makeup is applied on top, it makes the skin look more awake and radiant, which I am sure is something that every girl wants! I love that it addresses a lot of issues that many of us have; redness, fines lines and pores whilst also adding a strong dose of luminosity to enhance anyones skin!

I am officially addicted and totally get why everyone is singing its praises. It is great that I can buy it from Look Fantastic ($29) too as it ships worldwide for free!

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