Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches

Urban Decay have recently released their new Vice Lipsticks, all 100 of them! This may seem quite overwhelming to some, but with six different finishes, this can be narrowed down to the type of lipstick you prefer. I recently got this sample book of 24 of the lipsticks with my purchase from Sephora, and thought it would be useful for people if I swatched them all. This post is therefore more of a reference than a review, as I have not had chance to wear them all individually. I did however do a review of the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipstick in 714, which is the most perfect red lipstick ever and has now also been released as part of this collection, you can read this here.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches

The six finishes are: Sheer Shimmer, Sheer, Metallized, Cream, Mega Matte and Comfort Matte. The only finish that I am not really keen on is the metallized as I don’t really enjoy shimmer on my lips, however, this may entice a younger consumer than me as they make quite a statement. Comfort Matte is probably my favorite finish for its hydrating formula that makes a matte lipstick easy-to-wear. I also love the sheer formulas, especially on the darker shades such as Seismic, which are great if you are scared of a bold lip, as it makes them much more user friendly. Whatever you like in a lipstick, you are bound to find something for you in this vast collection. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches

L-R: Seismic (Sheer Shimmer), Pandemonium (Mega Matte), Jilted (Cream), Firebird (Cream), Menace (Comfort Matte), Big Bang (Metallized), Sheer Anarchy (Sheer), Psycho (Comfort Matte).

Seismic is my pick of this group which has the sheer shimmer finish. The shimmer is more of a glisten than full-on sparkle which adds to the glossy appearance of this lipstick when on the lips. This is a great shade for Fall and the sheerness of it makes it perfect for everyday.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches

L-R: Rock Steady (Cream), Manic (Cream), Gash (Cream), 714 (Mega Matte), Disturbed (Comfort Matte), Blackmail (Comfort Matte), EZ (Cream), Snitch (Sheer).

My favorites of these are of course 714, which I am a bit obsessed with and I have linked my review above, but naturally my other favorite is Snitch a beautiful pale coral in the sheer finish which is a great everyday lipstick and perfect for this time of year. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches

L-R: Conspiracy (Metallized), Rapture (Cream), Amulet (Metallized), ZZ (Cream), Naked (Cream), Backtalk (Comfort Matte), Stark Naked (Comfort Matte), Gubby (Metallized).

Finally the more neutral choices come in this selection, and I have seriously been loving Stark Naked because of that Comfort Matte finish in the most gorgeous nude shade and also Naked, a more pinky nude in the Cream formula which is so moisturizing and comfortable to wear.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick 714

Above is 714, which is the most flattering red lipstick I have ever tried. I actually love that it is in the Mega Matte formula as it really does stay put, which is what I need when I chose to wear a red lip, it needs to be foolproof!

The Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks are $17 each and can be found at Sephora and Ulta.

What is your favorite shade? What do you think about the Urban Decay Vice lipstick collection?


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