Cocoa Brown Self Tanning Wipes Review

Cocoa Brown Self Tanning Wipes Review

I admit it, I am quite a lazy tanner and especially now having two children, I rarely get the time to have a full on pamper session. However, fortunately for me, my favorite tanning brand, Cocoa Brown have launched the most genius of products, the Cocoa Brown Face & Body Self Tanning Wipes*, perfect for those of us pushed for time, but still want a gorgeous tan!

I have never actually used a tanning wipe before, as I have always been put off by those ones that used to be sold at the check out at high street stores (in the UK at least!) in individual wrappers, who knows what shade of orange I would become! However, Cocoa Brown is a brand that I totally trust when it comes to tanning, not one of their products has let me down, so I knew I would be in good hands with these.

Cocoa Brown Self Tanning Wipes Review

As always, it is worth prepping your skin before you tan (see my routine here) to ensure you have smooth even skin on which to apply the tan. The Cocoa Brown Self Tanning Wipes could not be easier to use, simply pull one out and wipe over the area you want to tan. I actually find that using wipes makes it easier to get into crevices, like the back of the knees and feet. On me, one wipe is good for both legs, so probably 2-3 wipes will be sufficient for your whole body. The product dries in seconds, making it quicker to go about your day.

As I said, I was dubious about how effectively a wipe would tan the skin, but I am so happy with the results. It leaves the skin with a natural looking tan (like all Cocoa Brown products), that is not too dark, not too orange and not patchy in the slightest. If you are darker than a medium skintone though, these may not show up on you that well, however, for those with a lighter skintone, these provide a gorgeous, natural fuss-free tan.

I also have been using these on my face too, which have been great as I can just take a wipe all over my face after I have cleansed my skin, leave it for a few minutes and continue with my skincare and makeup. This has been a revelation really, as I am very picky with the products I use on my face as I have acne-prone skin that is relatively sensitive and break out at the drop of a hat. I trust in the brand though and know they are dermatologically tested, so I tried them out and can report that I haven’t broken out or shown any signs of sensitivities. I now have a packet on my bathroom shelf and can top up my face tan in a matter of seconds!

Cocoa Brown Self Tanning Wipes Review

Other points to mention are that the Cocoa Brown Self Tanning Wipes have the same Tahitian Gardenia scent like the rest of the Cocoa Brown products, so they don’t have that rotten fake tan smell that can be off putting. Also, because of their nature, these wipes they don’t have a guide color (which some people may miss), but it doesn’t really bother me as they are really easy to apply, so you can just go over an area easily if you think you have missed a spot. Finally you may want to use gloves when using these, I don’t when using them on my face as it is quick and I thoroughly wash my hands after use, but I don’t like to risk it when applying it to my body so I just use latex gloves.

The Cocoa Brown Self Tanning Wipes are blooming brilliant. If you always find yourself pushed for time or are a busy mum like me that never gets much time to tan, then these will be your best friend, and at only €3.50 a packet they are an absolute steal! I am officially obsessed!

Available from Cloud 10 Beauty with WORLDWIDE delivery!

*PR Sample


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