Complex Beauty Face Masks

Complex Beauty Face Masks

There is a new beauty brand on the block which has been causing a bit of a stir on Instagram amongst beauty bloggers! Complex Beauty are launching this month, and I love their ethos that they want to make women look good, so that they feel great and, in turn spread this positivity to others. They believe that skincare should be taken seriously but it also should be fun, easy, relaxing and stress free!

Their products are suitable for all skin types, 100% cruelty free, and contain carefully selected, natural, and scientifically proven high performance ingredients. Their line includes a face mist (which I am so excited about!), a lip mask, and six different face masks, which I have been lucky enough to test out over the past few weeks!

Complex Beauty Face Masks

Here is the low down:

THE GODMOTHER  (Enzyme Mask) – this mask contains pumpkin enzymes that work to leave your skin brighter, softer, smoother and clearer. It contains glycolic acid which does make the skin tingle quite a lot, so one to be weary of if you do have sensitive skin but I actually love this sensation as I can feel it is working. I have not tried a pumpkin enzyme mask before, but I loved the immediate effects of this, my skin was left brighter, smoother and overall more radiant!

SMOOTH OPERATOR (Antioxidant Mask) – this mask helps to fight the damage caused by free radicals. Our skin is constantly exposed to harmful irritants that can actually have an effect on our skin. This mask helps to combat these effects and uses ingredients including squalene to promote cell reproduction, glycolic acid to exfoliate and reduce scarring, lactic acid to improve texture and brighten, and organic aloe to soothe and heal. This is a great all-rounder that everyone would find beneficial in their skincare regime, I am going to make a point of using this weekly as antioxidants are important for keeping the skin youthful.

THIRST QUENCHER (Hydra Mask) – this mask aims to hydrate, plump and smooth the skin, and as someone with dehydrated skin this contains all of my favorite skincare ingredients; hyaluronic acid, rose hip seed oil, glycerin and organic aloe as well as frankincense to reduce acne blemishes, minimize pores and lift and tighten the skin naturally. I love hydrating products year round, but especially at this time of the year when you are battling the constant change in temperature from the weather and central heating. This gel mask feels extremely cooling on the skin which I love, and once removed my skin feels so soft and plumped, I know this mask is going to be a lifesaver over the coming months when my skin is freaking out!

Complex Beauty Face Masks

OCEAN POTION (Mineral Mask) – this is a seaweed enriched mask containing a blend of ingredients that help calm and heal distressed skin. It aims to leave the skin hydrated, nourished dewy and toned and also doubles up as a spot treatment to help reduce and soothe blemishes. My skin felt a little tight after removing this mask, so this maybe not a mask to use too regularly, but after applying my nightly face oil, my skin felt balanced and rejuvenated. I would probably reserve this mask for my more oily and troubled areas (in my case, the T-zone) when I indulge in a spot of multitasking, as it tackles those areas well, but is a little too intense for the more regulated areas of my face.

BABY FACE (Purity Mask) – this is an activated charcoal mask that works to pull out dirt and toxins from the skin, BUT, it is unlike any other charcoal mask that I have tried as it has a very lightweight thin gel consistency that doesn’t dry and crack like traditional clay masks, it keeps the skin hydrated which I really appreciate having dehydrated skin. I think this is my favorite of the bunch because it manages to balance and calm the skin, whilst evening out the skin tone and keeping it hydrated.

ROSE GLOW (Glycolic Mask) – this is the mask for when your skin feels a bit lack lustre, as it gives skin an instant boost by hydrating it whilst reducing the appearance of blemishes and uneven skin tone. The glycolic does make the skin tingle a little but it is in no way offensive! This  clear gel mask dries down to a tight film and after 5-7 minutes you skin is literally glowing and skin feels fresh and firmed. Love this!

Complex Beauty Face Masks

Complex Beauty will be launching imminently, so make sure you sign up on their website for VIP access so that you can be one of the first to get your hands on these fab face masks, there really is something for everyone! I am really impressed with this initial launch from Complex Beauty, it is a brand I identify with and is definitely one to watch! I can’t wait for their launch and to see what they bring out next!


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