Glossier Makeup Review

Glossier Makeup

Glossier has become somewhat of a cult brand since it launched in 2014, I see influencers sharing pictures of it multiple times a day on Instagram and when a new product launches don’t you just know about it! The marketing of Glossier is spot on, making everyone want a piece of it, it even has the beauty obsessed outside of the US begging for it to be delivered to their country, which will hopefully happen in good time. Living in New York though, I am lucky enough to be able to get hold of Glossier products easily and even though I have tried and like their skincare (their Milky Jelly Cleanser is brilliant), it is their makeup line that has really won my heart!

Glossier Makeup

Glossier Boy Brow is one of their most raved about products, a tinted brow gel that is actually more creamy than gel and because of this it doesn’t give that crispy finish that you can get with many brow gels and doesn’t flake at all. It plumps and thickens the hairs and shapes them, holding them in place all day. For girls that are more well endowed in the brow department than me, this would probably be the only product you needed for that effortless yet maintained look. However, if you have more sparse brows  as I do, you will need to fill them in a little first to get some shape, either way this is a gem of a product. It comes in three shades and I use the shade blond (the lightest).

Glossier Makeup

Glossier Generation G lipsticks are a lazy girls best friend. They are matte in finish and are actually more of a stain than your traditional lipstick, that gives a sort of lived-in look. I originally bought the shade Cake, a browny nude, which is pretty similar to my actual lip color so doesn’t really show up too much, however it is a great one for everyday for a natural look. Since then, I also bought the shade Jam, a deep berry shade which really shows off this lipstick’s true potential! It gives the look of a blotted down your lipstick, even from the first coat, giving your lips the ultimate berry stain without the need for blotting, the worry of smudging or disappearing from your lips, this color is here to stay! Next on my list is the shade Zip, a poppy red which I think will be perfect for the Summer months.

Glossier Makeup

If you suffer from under eye creasing then the Glossier Stretch Concealer will be your new best friend. It has a super elastic formula that allows it to move with your facial expressions without caking and it glides on with such easy that it literally melts into the skin seamlessly. It is the perfect choice when you are pushed for time as no tools are required and I love that you can also apply it on top of makeup without any fear of it looking too much, so great for topping up your makeup for those after dinner drinks! I reach for this concealer frequently as I know it won’t sit in all my tired-mom lines under my eyes!

Glossier Makeup

The only product that I haven’t really enjoyed is the Glossier Haloscope in Quartz, which I had high hopes for as everyone seems to love it so much, but I just don’t get the hype. I found to be a little hard, so it dragged the skin on application and moved my makeup. I also found this shade didn’t really show up on my skin that well, I have a light to medium skin tone (Mac NC30), so I thought this would be the perfect choice but was disappointed with the highlight it gave which was negligible on my skin. I know a lot of people love this product, but this is just my personal opinion on using it.

Despite the personal disappointment of Haloscope, I think that Glossier makeup is brilliant, the products are unique and they offer some amazing formulas at a great price point. I am excited to see what they will launch next!

Have your tried Glossier makeup? What are your favorite products from the brand?

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