Review: Moroccanoil Light

Ever since hair oils have become popular, I have been wanting to jump on the Moroccanoil bandwagon, but have had a few others that I wanted to use up first. I then noticed that I had nearly £10 of reward points at Bath and Unwind, so used them towards the 25ml bottle of Moroccanoil Light which retails at £12.65, so only ending up costing me a couple of quid!

I have tried several other hair oils, and there have been some that I have liked and some that I haven’t,  namely Ojon Damage Reverse hair serum which completely weighed down my fine, coloured hair down and left a greasy residue. So I was after something that gave a smooth glossy appearance to the hair without making it look greasy, which is why I opted for the light version as it is aimed at people with fine, coloured hair. I think the original version would be too heavy for my hair and probably more suited to people with thicker hair.

I put about a 1p sized blob in my palms before rubbing them together and smoothing through the lengths (not roots) of my washed hair before blow drying. First off, let me tell you that it smells gorgeous, I can’t put my finger on the exact smell, but it is almost perfume like with a slight coco butter note to it (so hard to describe scents, so correct me if I’m wrong!), delightful! As you rub it in to the hair, it is instantly absorbed and doesn’t feel greasy at all.

It is supposed to speed up drying time, but my hair dries relatively quickly anyway, so didn’t really notice much of a difference if I’m honest. However, the results really did impress me and once blow dried it left my long straight hair very smooth and sleek, with no flyaway ends. I didn’t even feel the need to go over the ends with my straighteners which has got to be a result!

Moroccanoil say that this treatment completely transforms and repairs the hair as it’s formula transports lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection. After daily use for over a week, I can say that my hair does feel stronger and shiner and I hope it continues to work over time. I know that it does contain silicones which do coat the hair aiding this glossy appearance but personally I don’t really mind this. if my hair looks and feels good then I am happy. For a more in depth discussion about silicones and other hair oils please visit Gemma’s blog as she does a great job of explaining all about them. I am definitely going to repurchase the larger size once it has run out as I love it!

Has anyone else tried this or have any other recommendations for hair oils?


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