Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter 1 Hour Tan Mousse

My summer tan has now well and truely faded, so before I jet off on a little week in the sun, I need to get myself summer ready once more! Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter 1 Hour Tan Mousse* is a new tanning product on the market which claims to give you beautifully bronzed, radiant skin in just 1 hour. It also uses vegetable derived DHA (the active ingredient in self-tanners) and no parabens so is kind to sensitive skins. This sounded amazing to me, as I tend to have sensitive skin and really don’t like waiting for hours on end for my tan to develop, so thought I would put it to the test. 

I had already prepped my skin by exfoliating and shaving the day before, so just applied a generous amount on a tanning mitt and buffed it into my skin by working the mitt in circular motions until I had covered my whole body. Even though it says you can also use it on the face, I am always a little wary about this as have very reactive skin, so stuck to my Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning as I know I can trust this.

The tanning mousse has a lovely floral scent (Tahitian Gardinia) to it, which didn’t actually turn too ‘biscuity’, only after a few hours did it start to be reminiscent of a digestive, but at this point you could wash it off if desired. It dried very quickly and I was not left with sticky skin, so was able to cover up soon after application. It contains tan accelerating ingredients which is what is meant to give you a rich cocoa brown town in just 1 hour and darken further if you leave it for longer. After an hour, I had developed a slight colour but I wouldn’t say that it was that significant and felt a little disappointed. I do have a medium skin tone, so perhaps on paler skins, it may have looked more apparant. However, I left the tan on to develop further and within 2-3 hours, I had a beautiful golden tan, that looked extremely natural and not in anyway fake at all. It was not patchy and even though I had missed a bit on the inside of my arm, when I patched it up, it all blended in seamlessly. So you could see how effective this tan was, I only tanned one leg and left the other one au natural and here are the results below, impressive huh?

This tan lasted about 5 days before I felt the need to reapply. I am really please with the results of this tan and although did not quite live up to the 1 hour claim, waiting slightly longer gave me a beautiful natural tan which was so easy to apply. The best news about this is that it only costs £7.99, (what a bargain!), and is now available from Superdrug


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