Michael Kors Bronze Powder

I have been waiting for the release of the new Michael Kors Beauty line ever since I heard it be announced about six months ago. Michael Kors is a brand I love, and does the ultimate accessories, his bags are at the top of my wishlist! I am lucky enough to have a watch, wallet and glasses, and now obviously needed a bronzer to match! 

The most obvious thing about this bronzing powder is that it is HUGE, seriously, I can hardly fit it in my make-up bag! The gold packaging, although it looks metallic is actually made of plastic, which I was initially disappointed with, however I realise that if it was metal, it would probably dent easily being so big! It still looks the part however, emblazoned with the Michael Kors logo on the top. One of the benefits of it being so big is that is has a lovely big mirror in it, so perfect for on-the-go touch ups! It also contains a whopping 21 grams of product, which when you compare it to Nars Laguna for example with only 8 grams, is nearly three times as big. So £34 for a bronzer may sound expensive, but when you compare it gram for gram, it is actually half the price!

So onto the actual product itself. I have the shade Glow, which is one of three bronzing powders that have been released and part of the Sporty collection (there are three collections in the Michael Kors beauty range: Sporty, Sexy and Glam). Glow is a matte bronzer with a slight golden shimmer, although this is not really apparant when applied to the face. It is a lovely smooth powder that blends easily and looks natural yet beautifying. It is perfect to warm up the skin, giving a lovely glow, without looking obviously made-up, so perfect for the autumn and winter when you don’t want to look too dark. I have a medium toned complexion (for reference Mac NC35), so if you were paler than this, it may look more obvious. Comparing it to Nars Laguna (as I know a lot of people love this), it is actually fairly similar, although probably a tiny bit paler so is well suited to giving your face an all over glow and a subtle contour. I would not recommend it if you love a heavily contoured look however. I have been using it on the cheeks, temples and bridge of my nose and have been loving how it looks. It also seems to last really well, and I haven’t felt the need to top it up at all during the day. This is a gorgeous bronzer and it has definitely glammed up my make-up bag!

The other two shades are Flush (from the Sexy collection), a shimmering rosy tan and Beam (from the Glam collection), a luminous deep copper tan which I think would be gorgeous in the summer! 

Available from House of Fraser and Escentual.


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