Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen

Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen* in Perfect Plum is another welcome addition to my autumn make-up bag. It is a gorgeous violet-plum shade with light reflecting pigments giving it a slight shimmer when it catches the light. It is a multi-purpose eyeshadow pencil which can be used across the whole lid and as a liner. It is not, however one of those super smooth crayons that glide on and job done, as it does tend to drag the lid slightly when applying, meaning that it does need a bit of blending. I like to use my Crownbrush C433 to soften and blend, creating a subtle smokey eye. 

This shadow pen is very long wearing and literally does not not budge all day, making it a winner in my eyes. I like to pair it with Maybelline Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate over the lid and then use this in the outer corner blended out to create a bit of depth to the eye. I also use this underneath my bottom lash line, like I would a normal kohl pencil and it can also be used in the waterline too. 

You do need to sharpen this with the fat part of a double sharpener, which is a bit strange as you are sharpening plastic! My sharpener didn’t do a particularly great job, however Pixi do sell a dual sharpener specifically for these pens, so this would no doubt do a better job.

Perfect Plum is one of nine wearable shades in the collection, priced at £12 each and are available from Look Fantastic and www.pixi.co.uk


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