The Best Cleanser Ever! | Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

I have mentioned this on my blog a few times now, but for good reason, it is (drumroll) my favourite cleanser EVER!  Bold statement I know, but this glorious cleanser just ticks all the boxes for me; non-foaming – check, nice-smelling – check, easy to apply – check, skincare benefits -check! And that not where it ends, let’s me introduce you to the delights of the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

This is a brief introduction of the philosophy from the brand, which I have taken from their website:

“We believe that the secret to a beautiful complexion lies not only in what you put on your skin, but what you put in your body. OSKIA products are therefore nutritionally-designed to improve the skin’s condition from both the inside and the outside. Step one in any beauty regime should be to develop the health of your skin, and key to better health is a good diet. We understand the nutritional requirements of the body, so our products feed the skin with essential cell nutrients – vitamins, minerals, proteins or amino acids, glucides and essential fatty acids – from both the inside, by way of supplements, and from the outside, topical skincare products. These combine and act in unison to help your skin to develop the perfect cell – one which is healthy, efficient and working to its optimal level.”

Having studied nutrition at post-graduate level, I am extremely passionate about good nutrition and was so excited that this philosophy was being applied to skincare, another great passion of mine. This is the first Oskia product that I had ever tried, and when I went to their website to find out about the brand, I got so excited about their ethos and products as I totally believe that good nutrition is essential for great skin. After all, our skin is the largest organ of the body, so we need to look after it! It is essential that we help look after our skin from the inside out with good nutrition, but it is also what we apply to to our skin that helps cell renewal, repairs damage and keeps it looking as radient and healthy as possible. 

So with this in mind, I had high hopes for this cleanser and I wasnt dissapointed. Although marketed as a gel cleanser, it is a fairly thick (pink) gel which, when applied to the skin, acts more like a balm in the fact that it turns to a light oil when massaged in. It is just beautiful, and the scent is like no other, sweet and slightly floral, but not intense at all. It is a sheer pleasure to use, and I use it both morning and evening. In the morning I apply it to my dry skin before I jump in the shower, massaging it in and then rinsing off. In the evening, I apply it and remove it with a hot cloth, to ensure that I have thouroughly removed every last scrap of dirt. It is effortless though, and leaves my skin super smooth with a radient glow. I have combination skin which is dehydrated and acne-prone to boot, so I often find it hard to find suitable skincare that doesnt break me out or strip my skin whilst also nourishing it. This leaves my skin balanced, glowing and thoroughly pampered!

There are some wonderful ingredients too…it contains pumpkin enzymes to deep cleanse the pores and remove dull skin cells without irritating; magnesium to remove impurities and improve elasticity; Vitamin A to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin; Vitamin C & E to protect against free radical and environmental damage and finally MSM, which is a form of sulphur used to detoxify, soothe and calm the skin as well as boosting collagen! 

I promise I am not getting paid to write this, I simply love it and wanted to share my thoughts. I dont really have anything negative to say about it, apart from the price. At £32.50 it is definitely a luxury buy (although I did get mine on a two for 1 offer), however you get what you pay for and I would 100% repurchase this. I cannot wait to try more products from this brand as I really do believe in their products and the ethos behind them.

Available from the Oskia Website here, Cult Beauty here and Beauty Bay here.


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