Detangling with The Wet Brush

Lets just cut to the chase, this brush is AMAZING! It has seriously made detangling my hair an absolute breeze!

I have fine hair, but quite a lot of it, so it often gets quite tangled especially of a morning. I wash my hair every day (please dont judge me, if you saw the state of my hair when I wake up in the morning you would understand!), but never bother to brush through it before I get in the shower. This often leaves me with knotty hair that I sometimes struggle putting a comb through it! I have been meaning to buy a Tangle Teezer for ages, but never got round to it and I think I was perhaps put off by the lack of handle on it.

The Wet Brush*, which looks just like your average hairbrush, is the number one selling detangling brush in the US, has recently landed on our shores. Wet hair is more prone to damage, tangling and stretching, so needs to be treated with TLC. This brush has been developed with a special technology that allow the thin, flexible bristles to bounce back to their original form. This eliminates all the pulling and ripping and consequently prevents split ends and hair loss.

After I have washed my hair, I like to add a small amount of leave-in conditioner such as the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair Healer and let The Wet Brush do its magic. It literally glides through my hair like a dream, absolutely no tugging or battling with knots, I cannot get over how easy it detangles my hair, I love it! I find having a handle on it particularly useful and easy to use and love the design with all the tiny moustaches on it, although there are loads of patterns and colours to choose from.

A great selling point for many ladies is that it is that it is also effective to detangle hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs. I tried it on my 3/4 hair piece from Wonderland Wigs (review here) and can vouch for its effectiveness. 

At only £6.95, it is an absolute steal and is available from Sally.

*PR sample sent for consideration of review.


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