An Ode to Mac Studio Fix Powder

The Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (£21.50/$27) was my first ever Mac purchase many moons ago, and even to this day it remains to be my favourite powder of all time! I have tried to be without it on many occasion, but frankly my life is not the same without it! For those not in the know, Studio Fix is a powder and foundation in one, so is a multi-use product that can be used in place of a regular liquid foundation, as a setting powder or as I mainly use it, a touch-up powder.

So what is it about this, that has stood the test of time?

1. My saviour in any bad skin situation – I carry this in my bag at all times for those times when your make-up doesn’t look quite right, you know, when your skin looks yukky, patchy, red or spotty. A quick touch-up with this evens out your skintone and makes your face look like your own again!

2. It has a matte finish – for all you combination to oily skinned girls, this powder is for you! It contains Silica which helps to absorb oils, maintaining a matte, high coverage finish. Perfect for touching up the T-zone and making the skin look flawless.

3. Doesn’t brake me out – some Mac foundations have a tendancy to brake me out, but I have had no issue with this and I think that’s because it doesn’t contain SPF (chemical sunscreens brake me out!).

4. The sponge applicator is actually really good – I don’t tend to use applicators that come with products if I’m honest, I find them a bit cheap and nasty! This sponge is like no other though, it is really spongey and applies the product very smoothly and evenly. It is washable and if you find that it gets a bit grotty, you can buy replacements too! 

5. Amazing for touch-ups – as a combination to oily skinned gal, my make-up has a tendency to slide during the day, especially on my nose which is the oiliest part of my face. A simple translucent powder simply would not surfice for restoring my face in its former glory. Because this can be used as a foundation too, it is much heavier than a lot of regular blotting powders so actually restores your base to leave you fresh faced!

6. Great for nights out – if you want a slightly more ‘polished’ look for a night out, this is great to use on top of your foundation/concealer to set you make-up. I would say this was a bit heavy for general day-to-day wear, but when you need your skin to look flawless, this is the business.

7. Lasts Forever – using this for touch-ups and occasionally to set my make-up, this product lasts a long time. I would say about 1-2 years, and then when it does eventually crack, I put the bits in a pot and use it on my dressing table. 

I don’t think I could praise this any more if I tried, this is Holy Grail material! 

Have you tried Mac Studio Fix plus Foundation? 


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